Analogy – Verbal Reasoning Material

Analogy is an important section of Reasoning because it is the section through which examiners test the candidate’s ability to compare and establish proper relationships among the given items on the basis of certain commonalities in case of questions on Non-Verbal Analogy, it is very easy to recognize the common features between the given figures owing to certain limitations. Figures may have similar movement, rotation, orientation, shape, size, etc. and if you are able to observe these features you can select appropriate answers quickly. But in the case of questions on Verbal Analogy, it is not possible to delimit the types of relationships which might exist between the given items. Apart from common types of relationship sometimes unusual type of relationship is provided in the question. Therefore, the chapter on Analogy is aimed not only at testing your reasoning ability but overall knowledge, IQ, as well as the power of decision-making.

The word ANALOGY has been derived from two words taken together: ANA meaning “Relation” and LOGUS mean- ing “Knowledge”. The word ANALOGY is a Noun that literally means (i) a similar feature, condition, state, etc. shared by two things that are compared and (ii) a process of reasoning based on similar features of two things. Thus, Anal- ogy means “similar feature”, “a common feature” or “correspondence”. Questions on Verbal Analogy judge your ability to understand the diverse relationship between various elements, things, phenomena, acts, terms, etc. in their proper context. Such questions are aimed at testing the candidate’s overall knowledge, power of reasoning, and ability to think conclusively and logically. A candidate can develop and improve his ability to judge conclusively through sufficient practice and awareness.

Questions on Analogy cover almost all types of relationships or commonalities that one can think of and which we generally observe in our day-to-day life. Some common types of relationships which frequently appear in the examinations have been listed below:

  1. State and capital relationship
  2. Country and Currency Relationship
  3. Country and Name of the Parliament
  4. Country and Its National Games/ Sports
  5. Sex relationship (Male and Female)
  6. Parents and child relationship
  7. Animal and its individual trait
  8. Animal and its habitat relationship
  9. worker and working place relationship
  10. Tool and action relationship
  11. raw material and product relationship
  12. Worker and tool relationship
  13. Term and its subject-matter
  14. matter and its state relationship
  15. instruments and measurement relationship
  16. quantity and unit relationship
  17. worker and product relationship
  18. word and its synonym relationship
  19. word and its antonym relationship
  20. part and the whole relationship
  21. word and intensity relationship
  22. Country and national emblem relationship
  23. Disease and causative organism
Analogy - Verbal Reasoning Material
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