Classification – Verbal Reasoning Material

CLASSIFICATION means to assort the items of a given group on the basis of certain common quality they possess and then spot the odd one out”. In this way, questions on Classification are not much different from those of the questions on Analogy. The difference between these two types of questions lies only in the way of selecting answers. In the case of questions on Analogy, you are required to select the item which bears a similar relationship as that given in the questions. But in the case of questions on Classification, you are required to assort the items which have some common quality and then spot the one and only one item which lacks that common quality. Thus, in the case of questions on Classification also you are required to determine diverse relationships which possibly can exist between various elements, things, phenomena, acts, and terms. In this type of question, you are provided with a group of four items, one of which shows different properties while the rest are related to one another in a certain way or they bear certain common characteristics. Your task is to select the item which does not belong to the group of other items. In this context, it is important to note that the candidates must know the types of similarities which possibly can exist among the given items.

Classification – Verbal Reasoning Material
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